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Information Technology Problem Solving – The 6 Principles of Scientific Problem Solving

This paper will explain a scientific approach to problem solving. Although it is written to address Information Technology related problems, the concepts might also be applicable in other disciplines. The methods, concepts, and techniques described here is nothing new, but it is shocking how many “problem solvers” fail to use them. In between I will […]

Avoid the Cyber Threat by Using a Safe Programming Language

The Problem Since the existence of networked, automated information systems, the so-called “Cyber-Threat” has been known to be a major security and business continuity risk. One of the very first worms, the “Morris-Worm”, destroyed the e-mail infrastructure of the early internet. The Cyber Threat is not thoroughly understood even by many executives of the software […]

Top 10 Advantages Of Favoring Swift For iOS Development

The significant launch does not imply the death of Objective-C, while it will become the de-facto language for iOS app development for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple watch and more devices. The language which was illustrated as Objective-C without C by the apple, is safe, modern, faster, compiler optimized and packed with a high level of […]

Broadening the GIS App Platform

With far reaching geospatial applications in use, organizations worldwide are using this technology to transform manually generated maps and its descriptive information into digital databases which can be used in applications to manage utility distribution networks, track agricultural drought conditions, conduct census, create floodplain maps, monitor pollution, plan alternative traffic patterns, redraw voter districts. The […]