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Web Development and Microsoft .NET Technology

In 2000, Microsoft announced its .NET software environment, a new addition to Windows. The .NET (“dot – net”) environment is effectively a “virtual computer” that runs on a real computer, with the advantage that any program written for it will run on any computer which is running .NET. One important aspect of the .NET strategy […]

.NET Center of Excellence

Overview The Microsoft .NET platform marks a paradigm shift in the way applications are developed for the Internet. It incorporates open standards that enable businesses to collaborate over the Internet with minimal investment. Hanu Software Solutions Inc. (HSS) is an expert in using .NET to develop solution frameworks and applications. HSS has established a dedicated […]

Hire Dot Net Developers – A New Trend in Outsourcing

The web has undergone massive changes subsequent to the release of programing platforms like ASP.Net and PHP. While, earlier programmers had to write server side scripts run them on server computers and then serve the results on to individual computers through local area networks, now programmers have the liberty of programming on their home computers […]

Redirect Web Visitors By Country Using .NET Framework in C# or VB.NET

There are times when it is useful to redirect a visitor to different default web page based on the visitor’s country of origin. One practical usage is to redirect visitor to web page with the language recognized by the visitor. This article shows you how by using .NET component, it can be done. Let us […]

.NET HTML Editor Control For Windows Form Based Applications

Building an HTML WYSIWYG editor oriented Windows Form application on .NET Framework could never been simpler. You are a .NET Developer, looking for a WYSIWYG editor control that will take / return HTML string and you want that your application should run on .NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.x, right ? You have landed to […]