Convert to C # Effectively

Recently, my business made the wise decision to convert to C #, an object-orientated programming language developed by Microsoft. We chose to do so because the C # language includes facets of numerous other programming languages ​​(prominently Delphi and Java) and has a meticulous emphasis on simplification.

Yet, for a decision that seemed so astute and pragmatic for the future of our company, we were presented with quite a few dilemmas when we approached our programmers about the switch. We did not realize just how long such an endeavor would take; our programmer would have to spend months performing a huge re-write. And because of the length of the project, we would end up spending thousands and thousands of dollars in salaries and billable hours. Not to mention, we were concerned about the possibility of human errors that could possibly even further delay the re-write being completed after waiting months.

So we decided to do some research on what our options for converting to C # were. We came across a software program that was designed to quickly and efficiently convert applications to C #, not only saving us a substantial amount of money but months and months of valuable working time as well. The software could convert 50 lines of code per second, much faster than a programmer could do it.

After using the code migration software, we were very pleased with the results. The whole process took mere hours to complete, so our busy programmers were able to focus on my pressing, time sensitive work. A huge perk of the software was it was intuitive and easy to use; It even was equipped with a tutorial. The company that provided the software also had free telephone and email customer support. So if you are looking to convert to C # , consider using code migration software.

Source by Holly Matheson

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