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.NET Center of Excellence

Overview The Microsoft .NET platform marks a paradigm shift in the way applications are developed for the Internet. It incorporates open standards that enable businesses to collaborate over the Internet with minimal investment. Hanu Software Solutions Inc. (HSS) is an expert in using .NET to develop solution frameworks and applications. HSS has established a dedicated […]

Are Frameworks The New Programming Languages?

The user experiences delivered by a software application nowadays directly influence its popularity and profitability in the long run. The user experience delivered by an application depends of its accessibility, functionality, performance, usability, searchability, and security. Hence, while developing a custom software application, the developers have to focus on many aspects in addition to the […]

SAP Business One – Sales Commission and Customer Statement Reports in Crystal Recommendations

As in the majority of mid-market ERP and accounting applications SAP B1 has customizable commission and invoice forms. However being flexible in the sense of creating user defined fields and tables chances are high that your vision and formulas are based on these objects. It is natural to decide design work to be done in […]

Can Python Web Applications Be Tested Using Selenium?

Python is currently more popular than other modern programming languages. The interpreted and object-oriented programming language is also hugely popular among developers across the world as a strong server side scripting language. As Python enables developers to express concepts by writing less and readable code, it becomes easier for programmers to reduce the development time […]

How to Become a Unity-Certified Professional Game Developer?

Turning yourself into a professional Unity-certified game developer is the dream of every individual with interest in game development. The objective of creating the Unity-certified program is to evaluate an aspirant’s Unity know-how and skills against the standard of know-how. In the following paragraphs, we discuss how you can become a Unity-certified professional game developer. […]

Microsoft CRM Data Migration – Overview for Consultant Developer

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 is now parading and triggering Microsoft CRM installation, implementation, customization, data conversion, upgrade and migration interest. We often see the questions on data import and massage options to Microsoft CRM from such systems as ACT!, custom Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server databases, in all these cases IT departments should do their […]

Great Plains Custom Development – Dexterity, EConnect, SQL, VBA and Modifier

Microsoft Dynamics GP programming and software development is typical as GP ERP system itself is for wide variety of businesses: manufacturing, shipping & receiving, warehouse management & logistics, project organization, non-profit to name few popular. Great Plains has large number of horizontal and vertical solutions, often referred as third party modules or add-ons, however in […]

Visual and Codeless Programming

Academically visual programming refers to programming using graphic notations instead of text coding. The industry has not adopted a visual programming because of two reasons. On contrary to common expectation that “one picture is more than a thousand words” most visual languages are harder to understand than text coding. A picture is easier to understand […]

Hire Dot Net Developers – A New Trend in Outsourcing

The web has undergone massive changes subsequent to the release of programing platforms like ASP.Net and PHP. While, earlier programmers had to write server side scripts run them on server computers and then serve the results on to individual computers through local area networks, now programmers have the liberty of programming on their home computers […]